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Conveniently Reliable

Responsive, reliable, and flexible services for your retail and commercial facilities.  

Quality Comes Standard

Anyone can clean a floor or take out the trash. It is how we do it—day in, day out—that separates us from the rest. Our care is the difference between a place that simply looks clean and a space that feels amazing.
More Peace,
Less Worry

We pride ourselves on service that results in long-standing customer partnerships, some of which have been in place for over two decades thanks to our winning team of professionals and robust infrastructure. 

Details Drive

Consistent attention to detail matters: the disinfection of handles to refrigerator doors, the dusting of products, the cleaning of food departments, the polishing of floors . . . the details are important to us because they are important to you. 


Our systems, processes, and tools nurture transparency and accountability in our organization and with our customers. Our proprietary work order system documents and tracks all ARC, a Kleen-Tech Company, tasks and their status.


Customers We Serve

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We offer janitorial services for businesses, retail facilities, and corporate organizations.

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Focus on your business and leave the heavy lifting to us. We offer janitorial services for convenience stores.



We have your grocery store covered—from deli to produce to frozen foods. 

About Us

Since 1977, we have offered the highest quality for the lowest prices. We have maintained all types of surfaces — from concrete to marble to and hardwood flooring. Our customers, ranging from small convenience stores to large grocery stores and warehouse complexes, enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing ARC cleans and maintains food departments including bakery, meat, deli, storage freezer and produce refrigerators with an attention to detail and a focus on safety.


“The focus on continuous improvement and enhanced efficiency creates true partnerships. When we came under economic pressure, they worked with us to revise custodial services to meet our specific needs and budget.”

Customer, Houston, Texas

Join the Kleen-Tech Team

Looking to join an expert team to promote your professional and personal growth? At Kleen-Tech, we provide our team members with a unique work environment where they thrive. We are always looking for trustworthy, dedicated, reliable, and friendly workers to add to our growing Kleen-Tech team.

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